Effortless Financing

Sullivan Violins gets you playing in no time thanks to our affordable instrument financing options. From monthly financing plans to rental equity, we make it easy to get a quality instrument or bow.

Three Month Financing

Customers may choose to take advantage of our interest-free payment plan that allows you to pay for your instrument in three equal monthly payments. We make payment processing easy with automatic deductions to your checking account or credit card. Two forms of payment, one being a credit card, is required.

Rental Equity

At Sullivan Violins, your rental fees serve as credit. If you are renting from Sullivan Violins, we invite you to use your first 12 months of rental fees towards the purchase of a Sullivan instrument.

If you already have rental equity with Sullivan Violins, it can be used towards a down payment on the 12 month financing plan.

Twelve Month Financing

Some customers like to have longer payment plans with lower payments. For qualified customers, our 12-month payment plan lets you put 25% down with the balance financed over 12 monthly payments at a low 8% interest rate. Rental equity or your trade-in can be used towards the 25% down payment. A payment agreement with two forms of payment (checking account and credit card) is required and payments are processed automatically. You’ll be surprised how affordable purchasing can be!

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