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From repairs and restoration to financing plans and consignment, our master craftsmen are highly educated on all aspects of the violins, violas, and cellos for which Sullivan is renowned.




*Remember, if you’re not local to schedule an appointment, you can always ship your instrument or bow to us for any needed repair work.

Repairs & Restorations

Custom Repairs & Restoration

Sullivan Violins offers a complete range of violin repair, bow repair, and restoration services. Our trained luthiers are comfortable working on all levels of instruments and repairs. We have a wealth of experience to draw on to carefully repair and restore your instrument or bow. We provide a full range of repair and restoration services, including: bridge replacement, neck grafts, breast patches, corner replacement, sound post adjustments, bow rehairing, and much more.


Appraisals &

Many customers have instruments whose origin or value is unclear or have an instrument which requires an updated appraisal. Using our in-house expertise, we will evaluate your instrument to identify its origin and offer our opinion on the current value. We can also evaluate what repairs are needed, if any, and provide you a free, detailed estimate of repair options and costs.



Purchasing an instrument is a sound investment that will, with proper care, maintain its value over time. Our Sound Investment Guarantee offers affordable financing options and even allows you to trade-in an instrument or bow previously purchased from Sullivan Violins and apply the credit towards an instrument upgrade.

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The Sullivan Bridge

Ken and Carolyn Sullivan started the Sullivan Bridge as a way to make connections between the world-class string musicians and teachers we have in the Rochester and Upstate New York area and students and string music aficionados. See the profiles and contact information of teachers and music schools and get information on the latest resources and events.

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Have a Trade-in Not Purchased from Sullivan Violins?

Bring it in. Based on our inspection, we can often offer a substantial discount on an instrument purchase with a trade-in allowance.

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