Sullivan Violins Rental Program Overview

Sullivan Violins Rental Program Overview

Sullivan Violins offers a flexible and affordable method for our customers to try out playing a string instrument before making the commitment of purchasing. It also provides a way to earn credit towards a future purchase. Key features of our program include:

  • 3 month minimum rental, followed by easy monthly rental payments with automatic billing
  • Up to 12 months of rental fees can be applied towards the purchase of a similar type instrument (violin, viola, or cello) from Sullivan Violins
  • 3 levels of rentals - Standard, Advanced, Master

Please note, the Sullivan Violins Rental Program is NOT a rent-to-own program. A maximum of 12 months of rental fees can be applied towards the purchase of an instrument of a like kind. After 12 months, Sullivan Violins strongly encourages customers to consider purchasing. With our 100% trade back program, parents of young children can easily trade up to a larger size by trading in a smaller instrument. Likewise, a purchased instrument can be can be traded in for a higher quality instrument to meet the player's needs as their abilities grow.

Rental Process

Coming into Sullivan Violins to get your rental can ensure you start out on the right foot. Getting a new rental instrument involves sizing, testing out various levels of rentals if desired, and filling out a contract - you'll need two forms of payment, one being a valid credit card and the other being either a credit card, debit card, or checking account. The whole process usually takes about 15 or 20 minutes. Teachers are always welcome to help with the rental process!

If you live too far away to come into the store, you can still easily rent from us. We have renters all over the continental US. Complete and submit the ONLINE RENTAL REQUEST FORM and we'll contact you to confirm your rental and complete the rental process. In many cases, we can ship your rental within 48 hours (some instruments may take longer depending on availability).