Repairs & Restorations

Sullivan Violins offers a complete range of instrument and bow repair and restoration services. Out trained luthiers have a wealth of experience to draw on to carefully repair or restore your instrument or bow. We provide a full range of repair and restoration services, including:

  • Major Restorations of Historically Significant Instruments
  • Neck Grafts
  • Breast Patches
  • Replacing Corners
  • Open seams, Cracks
  • Bridge Straightening or Replacement
  • Plane Fingerboard
  • Sound Post Adjustments
  • Bow Re-Hair
  • Thumb leather/Winding replacement
  • Splines
  • Tip Replacement
  • Much more...

Contact us to get your instrument or bow back into its optimal playing condition.

Not sure what repairs are needed? Set up an appointment to have your instrument evaluated. We will review with you what repairs are required or recommended and provide you with a free estimate.