Sullivan Violins Rental Program

A great option for student strings!

At Sullivan Violins, we are dedicated to enabling a fulfilling musical experience to children and adult students of the violin, viola and cello. We have a comprehensive rental program that gives students of all ages access to instruments that meet their needs, are crafted to our standards and are professionally set up and maintained. Having a quality instrument will make playing easier and more rewarding. We are privileged to be able to provide the artistic tools needed for teachers and students to reach their musical goals.

We offer three levels of violins and violas, two for cello that fit the needs of students from the first time player to a committed advanced student. Our rental program is incredibly flexible and enables students to earn rental equity towards a future purchase. All rentals come complete with instrument, bow, case, bag tag and rosin. We also offer comprehensive insurance to give parents and adult students alike piece of mind and ensure continuous access to a high quality instrument in optimum condition. We always offer easy exchanges if you need to change sizes at any time during your rental.

Standard Rentals:An excellent choice for a new violin or viola player. Our standard rental feature pristine quality Eastman 80s and 100s. Our professional set up ensures maximum response and ease of playing. Available for violin and viola, these instruments are complimented with an elegant fiberglass Holtz bow and shaped case.

Advancing Rentals:A perfect option for an advancing student or the beginner who wants to quickly experience the responsiveness and sound quality of a higher level instrument. Our advancing rentals are wonderful step up instruments. Our advanced rental violins and violas feature our shop Modelo Italiano or comparable instrument. These instruments feature superior wood selection and finer attention to graduations and set up that make a significant difference in response. You or your child will feel and hear the difference and can experiment with more ease in playing. The beautiful tone is enhanced with a warm brown antiqued varnish with amber undertones.

We offer rental cellos in the advancing and master options. Many rental or beginner cellos have a whole or partial plywood back. This construction makes resonance and responsiveness difficult to achieve. Our advancing rental cellos are fully carved from solid maple and spruce woods. The difference in responsiveness and tonal quality is very satisfying and will ensure both the beginning and advancing student a wonderful opportunity to experience the joy and satisfaction of playing the cello.

All our advanced rentals are paired with a carbon fiber bow.

Master Rentals:Sullivan Violins offers a limited number of violins, violas and cellos from our sales stock for rental. These hand selected instruments are professional quality instruments that enable the advanced student or player to express nuance, beautiful tonal quality and powerful projection. Our Master Level rentals feature our Jay Haide a l’ancienne or comparable instruments, individually set up at Sullivan Violins. A Master Level rental enables a player experience a great instrument while building up rental equity towards purchase.

Flexible Terms:Following an initial minimum three month period, Sullivan Violins offers a month to month rental program with automatic billing to a credit card or checking account. You can terminate the rental agreement at any time by returning the instrument to Sullivan Violins. No refunds are given for the the initial three month period or partial month thereafter.

Shipment:We have rental customers all over the country and can ship anywhere in the United States. Shipping costs for violin and viola rentals are typically between $15 and $20 depending on location.

Delivery:Live locally but can’t make it to our store to pick up a rental? We will delivery to your home or office in the Rochester metro area. Delivery fees are $12 - $15 depending on location.

Want to get started? Click Here to fill in our rental request form on line or give us a call to complete the rental process! 585-325-7250.