Purchasing an Instrument from Sullivan Violins

Purchasing an instrument is a very special event in the life of a player, but it can seem like a daunting challenge. At Sullivan Violins, our professional skill and expertise ensures that any instruments you purchase will be a sound investment. We take great care in ensuring the highest quality set up and condition of each instrument. Just as importantly, we take the time with you to provide a selection of instruments that meet your needs. We can provide the expertise and guidance that buyers can find especially useful. In addition, Sullivan Violins will also fine tune adjustments to provide the nuance demanded by the most experienced players.

100% trade-back on any previous purchase from Sullivan Violins*. Click here for details.

Own an instrument purchased elsewhere?

We Accept Trade-Ins. Bring in or ship us your instrument for valuation.

Free Home Trials

Often players need time to explore an instrument or bow. Sullivan Violins offers free 10 day home trials for this reason. Whether you visit Sullivan Violins to try a variety of instruments or would like to work with us by phone or on-line, you can select up to three instruments and/or bows for a home trial. A home trail will enable you the opportunity to:

  • Learn how the instrument responds to different musical styles or techniques
  • Hear the instrument in a different size rooms with varying acoustic properties
  • Get input from a teacher, parent, colleagues.

Need us to ship you an instrument for trial? Requesting a trial on-line is easy. We ship trial instruments anywhere in the continental United Sates for a simple flat shipping cost. Simply select the “Request a Trial” button on the item you are interested in and then “Add to Cart. We will pay for shipping to you; you pay for return shipping up front. A return shipping charge will be added to your cart for the selected instrument. A return FedEx Ground label will be included in your shipment along with your trial instrument. A Sullivan Violins representative will call you to confirm the details of your trial and shipment timing. As our secure on-line system will not retain credit card information, we will also request credit card information for security purposes. Most trials ship within 1 to 2 business days of receipt of request.

During certain times of year, we may delay shipment until the following Tuesday to avoid a instruments being left in a warehouse over the weekend if the weather conditions are likely to be extremely hot or cold. Your 10 day trial period begins upon your receipt of the instrument. If you decide to purchase the instrument, the entire shipping charge for the instrument or bow will be refunded to you.

Trial Shipping Rates (Return Shipping Only)

Instrument trials can be extended on with express written consent from Sullivan Violins. Instruments not returned to Sullivan Violins within 14 days of customer receipt will be charged to the credit card on file unless the trial has been expressly extended in writing by Sullivan Violins.

100% Trade Back Guarantee

Purchasing a quality instrument is an investment in your musical future because you are investing in something that will retain its value over time. At Sullivan Violins, we offer a 100% trade back guarantee, meaning you can trade in your instrument for another instrument of equal or greater value at any time, less a small refurbishing charge. For parents, this means that you can trade up in terms of size or quality of instrument in a step wise manner and watch your child’s enjoyment and satisfaction grow.


Any instrument purchased from Sullivan Violins, whether on-line or in our shop, comes with our guarantee and 100% trade back guarantee.

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