Kenneth E. Sullivan

Kenneth Sullivan

Known for his remarkable instruments, Kenneth Sullivan, master luthier, is a highly regarded maker recognized all over the country. Ken grew up playing the violin and fell in love with woodworking - it only made sense for him to turn his two passions into a successful career in violin making. Ken is a graduate of the Chicago School of Violin Making and a member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. In addition, Ken is a four-time Tone Award Winner from the Violin Society of American’s International Competition. He has also participated in the Oberlin Violin Making and Acoustic workshops. For professionals and serious students, Kenneth Sullivan’s handmade instruments are among the best modern instruments available. Players often rave about the amazing tonal quality, quick response and projection of Ken’s instruments. When played, it becomes immediately apparent to everyone in the room how unique and well-made these instruments truly are. Ken takes the time to give each one of his instruments a wonderful, unique sound.

“Of all my endeavors, making represents the pinnacle of my craft. There is no greater satisfaction than making a beautiful sounding instrument and hearing it in the hands of my customers.”

Kenneth E. Sullivan, Luthier

Ken Sullivan's handmade violas are currently being played in the following orchestras:

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
  • Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

Enjoy this recording of four graduates of the Eastman School of Music, Samantha Rodriguez, Ben Magruder, Dana Huygy and Johnny Ng, performing Mahler’s Adagietto on their own violas, each handmade by Ken Sullivan.