Many customers have instruments whose origin or value is unclear or have an instrument which requires an updated appraisal. Call us to set up an appointment, and we will evaluate it to identify its origin and our opinion as to the value. We will use our in house expertise, our extensive library on violin family instrument makers to identify the provenance of your instrument. We can also evaluate what repairs are needed, if any and provide you a detailed estimate of repair options and costs. There is no charge for such an evaluation. If you need a formal certificate of valuation for insurance purposes, we can provide you with a documented appraisal. Insurance certificates are provided free of charge with instrument purchases over $2500. For instruments purchased elsewhere, there is a charge of $150 for a formal insurance certificate.

Thinking of selling? We purchase and take instruments on consignment. So if you’re thinking of selling your instrument, please contact us for an appointment. We’d love to evaluate it for possible purchase or consignment.