Sullivan Violins

  • We are fully staffed by expert luthiers
    • Trained in finest traditions with years of experience
    • Member American Federation of Violin and Bowmakers
    • Award-winning maker/owner: Ken Sullivan
  • Excellent selection of instruments and bows
    • Catering to players of all levels
  • Dedicated to individual care and attention
  • Unparalleled restorations, sound adjustments, bow repair
  • Buy with confidence!
    • Outstanding set-up, conditioning, and 100% trade-back guarantee!

“Of all my endeavors, making represents the pinnacle of my craft. There is no greater satisfaction than making a beautiful sounding instrument and hearing it in the hands of my customers.”

Ken Sullivan, Luthier

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Featured Products

1/2 Size Pernambuco Violin Bow, Nickel Mounted, stamped Rodriguez
In Stock. Free Shipping.
Camillo Callegari Viola - 15
In Stock. Free Shipping.
Lesta Cello - 1/4 Size
In Stock. Free Shipping.
Sherl & Roth Violin circa 1970
In Stock. Free Shipping.
Tonareli Designer Cello Bag
In Stock. Free Shipping.